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Passionate freelance game designer, Unity developer and programmer based in Naarm/Melbourne.

Long term Tabletop RPG enthusiast and advocate for games as social therapy. Community developer, teacher and youth worker.

Climate and social justice advocate.


by Bin Chicken Studios

Trash is an open world 3D multiplayer co-op adventure game for PC. As studio founder and Technical Lead, I designed & developed the game concept, gameplay and architecture as well as producing the majority of the programming.

I spent 3 years leading a team of 6 alongside the Creative Director, including 1 other programmer, 2 artists and sound designer.

I shared business development responsibilities including receiving funding twice from Vic Screen & once from Screen Australia.

This project was a huge learning curve and I am very proud of how far its come. My programming abilities have improved hugely since I started this project as well as my design, production, leadership, business, marketing and management skills.

Call of the Golden Valley
by O'Saurus Studios

I am currently supporting programmer and designer with O'Saurus Studios working on Call of the Golden Valley, a narrative mystery game set in the high country of Victoria. The studio won the 2023 Melbourne International Games Week AGDA award for their great culture & diversity.

I have been designing and implementing puzzles, fine tuning and clarifying UI/UX, improving performance and quality of life.

Working along side Maddy, the studio founder has been a wonderful opportunity to learn from her as a game maker, software engineer and former Google manager.

Capitol Street Arcade
by Future Play Lab RMIT

I worked on the first iteration of these 5 arcade cabinets, originally produced for the City of Port Philip in 2022, and then again in this second and improved version for the Capitol Theatre in 2023.

There are 5 custom designed arcade cabinets containing work from more than a dozen game makers.

My role was to produce a common Unity project base across the projects to help them interface with the controls, lights, screens and audio devices as well as fully develop one of the 5 games, Musimoji.

I had a lot of fun coordinating with a multidisciplinary team and working with industry veteran and leading pervasive game maker Troy Innocent was an absolute joy.

Academic Tears is a web based card game based on the research of Wajeehah Aayeshah around post-graduate academic experience. She commissioned Bin Chicken to make this game for her to playfully explore some of the common experiences post-graduate academics face in their early careers. Click the image to play it on

I helped Wajeehah design the gameplay and then programmed this project. We also had an artist and designer produce the visuals and sound.

Academic Tears
by Wajeehah Aayeshah, University of Melbourne

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